Worry Free Purchase

With the Guaranteed Sale Program* from DaVinci, you can purchase a new home before selling your existing home. You don't have to worry about carrying two mortgages.

By using the Guaranteed Sale Program, you obtain a fair market price for your existing home before you move into your new home. You have peace of mind that your house will sell for a price that is satisfactory to you.


  1. Remove the worry of selling your existing home; eliminate the worry about two mortgages.
  2. Construction of your new home begins immediately at today's confirmed prices.
  3. Moving only once not twice because of matching possession dates. It allows you to plan your move in advance.
  4. Fixed mortgage rate and financing for your new home (this can save you thousands over the term of your mortgage.

How It Works

Have a guaranteed clause built into your new home contract, that in the event if your existing home is not sold by the possession date of your new home, DaVinci Group will purchase your existing home at Guaranteed Price.

Upon your acceptance a "Guaranteed Purchase" agreement will be drawn between you and DaVinci Group as per following terms:

  1. DaVinci Group will buy your existing home on the possession date of your new home for the Guaranteed Price if the home is not sold yet.
  2. The subject property be listed immediately but will not be placed on MLS service approximately, until 135 days prior to the occupancy date.
  3. Our home trade in program includes a free consultation with Re/Max Realty Professionals agent to determine the current market value of your home.

For more information about the Guaranteed Sale Program, please contact your home salesperson or call our office at 403-245-6669.

*Some restrictions apply to the Guaranteed Sales program; not all homes qualify.

Experience The Loyalty Rewards With Your Builder

It is exclusively for past purchasers of DaVinci Homes to show our appreciation when buying your next home with us, whether it be your second, third, fourth or even fifth or sixth you and your family will receive $5000 in upgrades. Yes, we said you and your family means if your children, your parents, your siblings are buying they will also be receiving the same reward as a loyal customer, provided they are introduced by you to DaVinci.

Ask your sales manager for full details and a complete list of upgrades that are available to choose from.

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