The Building Process

Journey through the DaVinci home-building experience, from purchase to completion.

Presite Work: The pre-site portion of the building process takes place in five parts.

On-Site Work: The actual building begins, going through several key stages.

Foundation Stage The first step in the building process is laying a foundation - the structure the house is built on. This involves:
Excavation - The building hole is excavated so the cribbing can be placed for the foundation.
Cribbing and Concrete Work - Wooden forms to pour the foundation into are created.
  • The weeping tile, a moisture barrier, is installed.
  • The concrete for the footing is poured. Once the footing dries, wall forms are built.
  • The ladder, a wooden structure on which walls are built, is placed in the forms. Concrete is poured into the forms to embed the ladder.
Framing Stage Framing - The basic timber structure of the house is built, including floor joists; roofs; walls; ceilings and beams.
  • Windows and exterior doors are installed.
  • The garage door is installed.
Rough-In Rough-In - Heating, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are completed. This includes water lines; lighting; central vacuum; television cable; telephone lines; fireplace; furnace and exhaust fan rough-ins.
Flat Concrete
  • Basement is leveled and graveled, and a sheet of polethylene is placed on the floor. Concrete is poured on top.
  • Garage, walkway and driveway are leveled and graveled.
  • A gridwork of steel is placed on the gravel, to reinforce the concrete. Concrete is then poured on top.
Roofing Roof shingles are installed.
Exterior Finishing
  • We install the vinyl siding or stucco, soffits for the underhang of the roof, fascia to cover the corners, eaves, battens for the perimeter of the window, and downspouts.
  • Exterior stairs and railings are installed.
Interior Finish Insulation and drywall - Fiberglass batt insulation is installed on exterior and interior walls and the roof. The walls are then covered with half-inch drywall and metal corners.
Drywall is screwed, taped and sanded. The ceiling is textured.
Painting First stage - Walls are primed.
Finishing First Stage - Casing is installed around windows and doors.
  • Doors are hung and the fireplace is finished.
  • The sub-floor for the linoleum and K-3 for tiles is installed.
Cabinets and Countertops Installation - Cabinets and countertops are installed in the bathrooms and kitchen.
Drywall Touchup
  • Any nicks, scratches or gouges left in the wall from the finishing stage are addressed by the drywaller. Holes and scratches are filled.
  • Patches are sanded the next day.
Flooring Installation - Carpet and linoleum or tile are installed.
Painting and Finishing Second stage - Two coats of paint are applied to the walls.
  • Wall casings, baseboards and the fireplace are painted.
  • Baseboards are installed after being painted.
  • Hardware such as doorknobs, closet handles and towel holders are installed.
Final Touches
  • Appliances are delivered and installed.
  • Lighting fixtures; bathroom mirrors and bathroom fixtures; glass shower doors and closet shelves, and the furnace are installed.
  • Interior cleaning of the home is completed.
Grading Rough grading of the front and back yards, using loam from the area developer.
Parging The parging, a coat of cement mortar applied to the exposed portion of concrete walls, such as basement walls, is completed.

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